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Warriors' 40 Day Dev

Shammah Ministries
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Warriors' 40 Day Dev

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"The messages in this devotional should be applied personally.  This is for those who really hunger to walk ever closer to Jesus in every area of set-apart Christian day to day life.  It is easy to relate to the language.  The questions probe and help you examine your ways and thoughts before the Lord.  Highly recommended."  

Lisa Crump Director of Prayer Mobilization for National Day of Prayer

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"Thank you, William, for providing us with this wonderful devotional tool for focusing our hearts and minds for effective prayer. Prayer without focus is pointless."  

Eddie Smith
President, U.S. Prayer Center
Houston, Texas

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“I have given one to everyone in my prayer group and also to my pastor.”  Lisa R.

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“I was tired of meatless devotionals.  This is a warrior’s devotional.  When I finish this 40 days I will start over again.”  A. Brown