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The Founders

Shammah Ministries
The Founders
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William & Patricia Lumry

     This ministry couple, married since 1970, have found the grace of God upon their lives to found a work based on the gifts and callings that are soundly proven to be of God within them.  Now they are busy encouraging the gifts and callings of God in others.  It is a mandate of the Word that leaders in The Body of Christ to equip the saints for the work of the ministry.  William & Pat follow that mandate as God gives opportunity.

     Though the typical and often appropriate response to this mandate, is to build a new local fellowship.  They did not choose this path.  Instead recognizing the leadership of the Holy Spirit they organized the ministry so as be effective by building within the framework of existing local churches. 

     William has been involved in full time ministry for some time and in September of 2003, after thirteen years with the organization, Patricia resigned her position with Palmer Drug Abuse Program to come alongside William in full-time ministry.  As you will find evidenced by other areas of this website, the ministry of SPMI is worked out in many ways in the kingdom.  We pray that here you will find something that will touch your heart and draw you into an even closer walk with Jesus.