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If you notice the shofar above you should get the idea that God is sending out a call. Actually he is sending out several calls, but one of them is for believers to rise to pray and take up the intercessions of Jesus. The would be the right idea.

If you notice the name of this area of ministry within Shammah, Prayer Time Corpus Christi, you might get the idea that we relay that call of God to our city. That would also be z right idea, but an incomplete for a very special reason.

Corpus Christi is Latin for The Living Body of Christ. We are involved in relaying that call to the Body of Christ with as much reach as the Holy Spirit gives us. We don't want any more reach than He gives us but we don't want to miss anyone within our reach either. To that end, God has given us grace to reach out through several media.

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We produce a weekly television broadcast, Prayer Time Corpus Christi. It is  aired on our local cable channel 18. It is aired twice a week at 9 AM on Mondays and 7 PM on Thursdays. The content varies from interviews with folks who bring something significant to the call to gather for prayer to workshop teachings such as SPMI conducts with church and prayer groups to relevant prophetic strategies and pointers being revealed to the Body of Christ by the Holy Spirit.


Corpus Christi is blessed with a free Christ centered newspaper called The Voice of the Times. William Lumry is an invited contributor to its monthly content. Presently William is submitting tactics and strategies born in satanic regions which are designed to undermine and confound the purposes of God within The Body of Christ. Additionally, William is writing at the same time concerning how God is countering Satan's plans with brief teaching on the Biblical authenticity of God's counter measures.
     It is important to note that God does not and is not playing catch-up. God's purposes are from before the foundations of the earth and they cannot be thwarted (Job 42:2). But God answers every satanic imagination raised up against the knowledge of God (2 Cor. 10:5).


We broadcast specific prayer alerts to those who we KNOW have training, background, experience and covering. We usually do this by way of the US Mail and email. We are selective and warn that there is danger in drawing well intentioned, but uninitiated believers into some areas. SPMI considers a large part of its responsibility to assist the local church in their efforts to qualify, train and protect those who follow the Holy Spirit into significant prayer and intercession.


We communicate with and chronicle what God is saying to other intercessors. Many warnings and other prompts of the Holy Spirit go unnoticed and un-broadcast because it is easy to discount them. Many times, those who hear such things think they are the only ones when that is actually not true. While we do not solicit people to keep us informed, we do trust God to prompt that kind of sharing and we teach others how to discriminate what they are hearing and we teach them some responsible actions to take when they are called for. When appropriate, we broadcast relevant communiqués as described above.


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